WS-81 Simply Stupendous Silver Cylinders


Make one (pendant) or two (earrings) silver pieces in an interesting cylinder / tube shape. The extra-fun thing about these is that the delightful "metal clay" we'll be using will allow them to be constructed, if desired, so they are able to swirl when worn!  Your pieces will be kiln-fired after class and available for pick-up at NHAC within about a week. **If you use magnification and/or lighting for other craft-work, please bring that for this session too. (Extra clay, should participants want to work very large, or find they have time to make more pieces, will be available for in-class purchase.  Wire for hanging the pieces is not included in the price (instructions will be offered on how to do that after the pieces have been fired and will also be available for purchase for those who wish.) All materials included in class fee.

Instructor: Carol Scheftic

Date: Saturday 6/24

1 session

Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Registration deadline: June 17


WS-81 Simply Stupendous Silver Cylinders
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