WS-85 Colored Pencil on Different Grounds

Ages 16-Adult

Experiment with the use of different grounds such as Rising Stonehenge, sanded paper, suede board, pastel board, and colored paper. Students will execute the same drawing on different surfaces in order to contrast their effects and better understand the differences of each surface.  Please bring: Prismacolor pencil assortment, or other brand quality artist colored pencils; ruler, HB pencil, white plastic eraser or kneaded eraser, magnifier, pencil sharpener, drawing board or other hard surface (clipboards work well).

Instructor: Jeanne Perrier                     

Date: Saturday 5/27

1 session

Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm

Registration deadline: May 20

WS-85 Colored Pencil on Different Grounds
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