EV-05 Summer Solstice Raku Party

Summer Solstice Raku Party

Wednesday, June 21
6pm to 10pm
(rain date Saturday, June 24)

Enjoy the longest day of the year by creating some magical pottery using the Raku firing technique!

Enjoy refreshments (wine, beer, soft drinks, snacks/goodies) and good music as you wait for the pottery to come out of the kiln (about every 20 minutes).

 **Bring your own bisque RAKU clay pieces, Glazing & firing fee: $5 per piece, paid the day of event.  Register by June 9.

**Purchase a bisque RAKU piece made by one of NHAC potters! Glazing & firing fee: $10 per piece, paid the day of event.
Register by June 9.

 An assortment of decorative pieces, such as bowls and vases will be available to purchase. Please note the images shown are examples only.  No two finished pieces come out alike and cannot be replicated due to the nature of the Raku firing process.  See the fun 'science facts' below courtesy of Wikipedia.  Please be advised that the Raku glazing/firing process is decorative only/not food safe.  

Don't forget to join us for the Summer Artisan Market, Shop June 21-July 8, Monday thru Saturday 10am-3pm. (closed July 4)


"It is raku’s unpredictable results and intense color that attract modern potters. These patterns and color result from the harsh cooling process and the amount of oxygen that is allowed to reach the pottery. Depending on what effect the artist wants, the pottery is either instantly cooled in water, cooled slowly in the open air, or placed in a barrel filled with combustible material, such as newspaper, covered, and allowed to smoke.  Water immediately cools the pottery, stopping the chemical reactions of the glaze and fixing the colors. The combustible material results in smoke, which stains the unglazed portions of the pottery black. The amount of oxygen that is allowed during the firing and cooling process affects the resulting color of the glaze and the amount of crackle."

EV-05 Summer Solstice Raku Party
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