WS-87 Watercolor Silhouette

The transparency & flow of watercolor allow you to fill a silhouette is a dramatic way. Bring a printout of a silhouette of anything: pastime, hobby or symbol. Transfer the image onto watercolor paper and let the magic happen. After the piece dries, add a splatter effect if you’d like. All materials included.

Instructor: Melissa Tai


Workshop 2 Ages 13–Adult

Thursday 2/1, 10:00am–12:00pm

Reg deadline: 1/25


Workshop 3 Ages 13–Adult, 5–12 with registered Adult

Monday 3/12, 12:30pm–2:30pm

 Reg deadline: 3/5

(each workshop is 1 session)

WS-87 Watercolor Silhouette
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