EV-07 The Business of Art

The Business of Art with Becky Sciullo

What to do when you are ready to sell your visual art:  Start Smart!

You’re ready to sell your work, but what should you do first?   Learn about what it takes to “Start Smart” by setting a good foundation for a successful art business.    This class will review key elements that are critical for a new art business as well as how to navigate the world of art marketing and deciding which tools and outlets make sense for you.  We will review strategies to help you to build your business alongside a full-time job, raising a family or other commitments in your life.    This class will also be helpful if you have already started selling your work but feel like you could use some direction in growing your business.  Come and get some new ideas that you can infuse into your creative venture!   

Becky Sciullo is an art marketing consultant who helps visual artists to grow their businesses.  Becky’s work in art marketing started in 2007 when she helped her father turn a part-time art pursuit into a successful business.  Within a year of working with him, her efforts were written about in the Wall Street Journal.  After requests from other artists to help them in a similar way, she started her business Artisan Advantage.  Through Artisan Advantage she provides artist with support through her Sell Your Art program, one on one consulting and web-based resources.   Her website can be found at www.artisan-advantage.com

Becky has a BA in Communications from Penn State University.  

Instructor: Becky Sciullo

Date: September 30

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Registration Deadline: September 23

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The Business of Art

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