A-02 Painless Painting

Adults only, 21 years old and over

Explore oil and acrylic painting in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a glass of wine. Bring your favorite wine to share. Seasoned painters can work to develop their personal style or try a new technique. New artists will learn the basics of composition, color theory, and painting techniques. Paint from a provided still life or bring a photo/picture to paint. Bonus: Each student will receive one free session of Thursday Morning Open Studio Painting.  Materials list below or if you have your own supplies, feel free to bring them to class instead.

Materials List found here

Instructor: Kim Freithaler

Dates: Wednesdays 4/4 - 5/9

6 sessions

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Registration deadline: March 28

A-02 Painless Painting
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