Patron Membership

Become a patron and help support the North Hills Art Center.  Patron Membership includes all the member benefits for the entire family.  "Family" includes parents and minor children residing in the home.

Benefits of Membership
  • Discount of $20.00 off the nonmember cost of classes at the North Hills Art Center
  • Discount of $10.00 - $20.00 off the nonmember cost of workshops at the North Hills Art Center
  • 20% off art supplies and framing at Top Notch Art Supply, Carnegie
  • 15% off framing at Panza Framing in Millvale
  • 10% off art supplies at Artists and Craftsmen Supply in Squirrel Hill
  • 10% off framing at The Frame Gallery in Sharpsburg
Patron Membership
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Price $100.00
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