WS-83 Just Raku Workshop

Ages 13 and up

Get ready for the Summer Solstice Raku event at this workshop. Hand build or wheel throw pieces for the Raku firing on June 21 at 6:00pm. No prior clay experience is necessary. Three to four pieces will be made in this workshopClass fee includes clay, glaze, firing, and use of tools.

Instructor: Diane Pontoriero

Three workshops to choose from!

1 session each, plus the firing on June 21

Workshop 1           Workshop 2          Workshop 3

Saturday 5/18        Thursday  5/30        Saturday 6/1    

1:00pm-4:00pm       7:00pm-10:00pm           1:00pm-4:00pm

Reg deadline: 5/11      Reg deadline: 5/23      Reg deadline: 5/25


WS-83 Just Raku Workshop
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