WS-113 Coiled Basket Workshop

Ages 18-Adult

In this workshop, you will learn the technique of coiling, an ancient, non-loom technique that can be used to make baskets. The technique can be applied to modern materials to create beautiful projects. Materials list - required supplies: 50 ft. of 1/4" nylon clothesline, 1 large or 2 small skeins of yarn, 13-18 gauge embroidery/tapestry needle (the yarn must fit through the eye of the needle), scissors. Optional embellishments: beads, shells, buttons, embroidery floss, feathers, clear fishing line (medium weight).

Instructor: Jennifer Marcin

Dates: Saturdays 4/14 & 4/21

2 sessions

Time: 11:30pm - 2:30pm

Registration deadline: April 7  

**Please note: this workshop has limited space! Please register early!

WS-113 Coiled Basket Workshop
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